TPJ Strategic Healthcare Integration Services

Experience, Knowledge and Flexability

TPJ Strategic Consulting

In order to remain as one of the top of healthcare facilities in the nation, you must constantly be moving forward and incorporating new technologies as they merge. TPJ Strategic Consulting Services is the natural selection for reaching these goals.

By implementing a strategic integration philosophy time that would typically be allotted for bringing a new employee or consultant up to speed is significantly reduced. Verifying that your facility’s IT department is within data compliance and is employing meaningful use tactics becomes a simple process.

TPJ Strategic Integration Analysis

TPJ Systems Integration Advisory Consultants work with you to determine the best options available to you for your project. Based upon extensive integration experience and 1,000 of completed interfaces we can offer you an accurate analysis of your current platform and how to choose the best path forward.

TPJ Strategic Project Planning

TPJ Strategic Integration Analysts can help you plan your integration project to ensure a smooth transition. Our team has well over 20 years of project planning and can help you prioritize department implementation, interface mapping and schema, reporting and support just to name a few.

TPJ Interim Management

TPJ Interim Managers have the knowledge and experience to step into any role that is needed. TPJ Interim Managers provide you with flexible solutions so you can rest assured that your department is performing at 100% giving you the time you need to find the perfect fit for your team.

TPJ Strategic Integration

The most important reason that clients select TPJ Systems over other healthcare consulting firms is our time-proven ability to integrate disparate healthcare systems seamlessly and on-time. We are uniquely skilled in our ability to create simple, yet empowering solutions to complex interface systems. Our client list verifies that TPJ Systems is one of the top Healthcare Integration Consulting Companies.

Strategic Interface Development

As a core component of TPJ Strategic Integration Services, we offer our clients a structured, strategic approach to an integration provider that meets all of their needs including; meaningful use requirements, inter- and intra- department integration requests and budget allotments.

Custom Interface Development

TPJ Strategic Integration Analysts have designed, developed, reviewed and upgraded thousands of interfaces for healthcare facilities on a global scale.  Our team can help you prioritize department implementation, interface mapping and schema design, alert/error reporting, on-site training and support.

Strategic HIS & Provider Analysis

TPJ Senior Integration Analysts offer you the ability to have an expert in healthcare integration review your current HIS implementation and provide you with a strategic analysis of your current system.

TPJ Training, Mentoring and Support

TPJ Strategic Integration Training offers every client we serve with an amazing array of benefits to ensure your team has a successful integration project. Every TPJ Consultant measures their success by your success and are more than willing to go the extra mile when you need it.
TPJ Strategic Integration Training Services are customized to suit your needs and budget so whether you need us to work as part of your existing team, as a separate unit or something in between we are ready and able to step into any role.

Customized Training

TPJ Systems Integration Analysts also provide interface training at your facility and on your systems.  Over the years we have determined that the best training for your team is to train your integration platform results in higher retention and confidence supporting your interface system.

Custom Mentoring

TPJ Strategic Integration Analysts provide custom mentoring services for when your integration team need a knowledgeable and experienced adviser that they can rely upon.  Our mentoring services are customized to suit your needs, upgrade/project deadlines and budget.

TPJ Customized Support

TPJ Integration Developers work from a client-centered approach to give you a support package suited for your needs, your staff, your existing systems, and budget. We can work either as part of your Integration Technology Team or independently.