T he most important reason that clients select TPJ Systems over other healthcare consulting firms is our time-proven ability to integrate disparate healthcare systems seamlessly and on-time.

TPJ Strategic Integration Analysts are uniquely skilled in our ability to create simple, yet empowering solutions to complex interface systems. Our client list verifies that TPJ Systems is one of the top Healthcare Integration Consulting Companies.

Our clients are long standing and are in many cases have a world renown reputation for excellence. Our clients respect our opinions and take our lead regarding many aspects of Interface Design and Architecture.

Functional Interface Design

A common problem with complex interface development is the tendency to move too quickly to interface solutions which may look engaging, but do not meet all departmental needs. As a core component of our interface design services, we offer healthcare facilities large and small a structured approach to the interface design that meets their needs and budget rather than an interface system that will never meet their true needs. TPJ Interface Architects rely upon proven research and development methods, specifications, and knowledge gained by years of experience in the healthcare industry to design an interface system for all departments.

Interface development and testing

The rush to write the translations for an interface is a major problem in most complex interface design scenarios. At TPJ we go beyond the basic understanding of an interface and can often address areas of concern before issues arise. With a true understanding of Hospital Information Systems, TPJ Interface Architects specific purpose of investigating the impact that a given functional interface concept will have on other departments saves valuable time and money.

Customer training

It is impossible to create complex interface solutions that do not require customer training and support. We offer clients extensive support in meeting their training needs by comprehensive documentation, on-site training and support. TPJ offers these interface training solutions to provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise their reputation demands.


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