The Cloverleaf Interface Engine is a graphical-data integration tool that allows information in the form of messages, records, or transactions to be exchanged, routed, and translated between dissimilar systems and applications. Cloverleaf has become very popular in the health care industry because it supports healthcare data standards HL7, X12 and EDIFACT.

In fact, more healthcare interface systems rely on Cloverleaf than any other integration tool today.

Cloverleaf can be totally customized to your specifications, decreasing your workflow dramatically. By enhancing your existing Cloverleaf Interface with Cloverleaf Adapters you can create an integration platform that is perfect for your facility’s needs and budgeting constraints.

You can choose which features you would like expanded in your Cloverleaf interface and determine which features are not necessary for your integration goal.

TPJ Systems provides quality Cloverleaf development, interface adapters, cloverleaf interface training and Cloverleaf mentor solutions for all Cloverleaf Interface Engines. TPJ Systems Interface Developers can provide you with Cloverleaf adapters customized to your interface requirements. Our interface development team can work as part of your IT department or as an independent interface team. Our interface services and tools provide a seamless transition between disparate systems such as; message queuing, data transformation, enterprise routing and distribution.


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