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Let’s Change How We Integrate Healthcare Data

Strategic Integration Consulting emphasizes inter-connectivity across facilities rather than integrating single departments to fit the receiving integration systems

Why is Strategic Integration Important?

A real upside to strategic integration consulting is that it offers opportunities to encourage collaboration, increases communication and aligns interdepartmental cooperation. For those times when you do need to hire consultants due to staff shortages, training or upgrades, strategic integration enables your team to quickly adapt and the consultant to hit the ground running.

In order to remain as one of the top of healthcare facilities in the nation, you must constantly be moving forward and incorporating new technologies as they merge. Strategic integration is the natural selection for reaching these goals. By implementing a strategic integration philosophy time that would typically be allotted for bringing a new employee or consultant up to speed is significantly reduced. Verifying that your facility’s IT department is within data compliance and is employing meaningful use tactics becomes a simple process.

Because healthcare facilities base billing and relationships off of expertise, facilities that have a development integration philosophy as opposed to a strategic integration policy, more often than not they have a much higher headcount since each employee or consultant has a narrow focus. Conversely, facilities that engage in a strategic integration philosophy typically have a smaller headcount and a broader range of expertise, along with an easier method for demonstrating compliance, smaller overhead and an integration platform that works across a wide range of departments, facilities and government agencies.

Strategic Integration gives you the tools to develop a cohesive integration strategy that suits your needs without compromising privacy

Strategic Integration Skill set vs Integration Development Skill set

In strategic integration consulting, you are generally working across multiple departments, multiple facilities, multiple agencies and multiple healthcare-related industries. This enhances your integration team’s range of development and soft skills. As your team’s skills increase so does their pre-project planning placing an emphasis on strategy and operations These skills are also related to an increase in competitive advantage, less development time and lower project costs.

TPJ Strategic Integration Consultants offer on-site training that is customized to your system and staff.

Utilizing a strategic integration philosophy, you are in essence coaching your department to think on enterprise terms as opposed to project-based focus. When your team approaches a project from a strategic perspective, they solve analytical questions about sustainability, regulation compliance and competition as well as team leadership and leadership development. By working within this mindset, your department has a solid grasp of your integration goals and vision. This, in turn, enhances your development team to think on a macro and micro problem-solving levels, creating a stronger IT department who can not only think outside of the box but solve issues before they happen.


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