Before determining which interface consultant is the right fit for your healthcare integration needs, TPJ Integration Developers have compiled this simple list to assist you in determining which integration developer is the right fit for you. If your integration developers have any difficulty answering these simple questions, then it is time to contact TPJ. 


Integration Development Questions

  1. Project Sponsor defines business reason
  2. Define what the interface will accomplish.
    1. What parties will be doing what?
  3. Negotiate formats that the sending and receiving systems will need for communication?
  4. Establish timelines.
  5. Design interface
  6. Develop translate functions, lookup tables, and base filters.
  7. Unit Testing.
    1. Capture Unit Testing feedback.
    2. Write custom code to handle errors.
  8. Unit Testing
  9. Promote code to Production Staging Area
    1. Systems Testing
  10. Prepare Support documentation
    1. Make additional changes as needed.
    2. If changes made, back to step 10
  11. Integrated testing/ Regression testing.
    1. User Acceptance Testing for production release.
  12. Promote code to production environment.
    1. Test connections in Production.
    2. Send test messages to production.
  13. User Acceptance Sign-off
    1. Go Live
    2. Final sign-off on deployed interface.
  14. Review development and implementation, lessons learned
  15. User defines additional custom data-filter rules as needed.

Integration Experience

TPJ Systems, Inc. is an information technology and strategy services company dedicated to providing quality healthcare integration technology at surprisingly affordable prices.

TPJ Systems consists of experienced business leaders, technology architects, project managers, and application developers who serve clients as both the architect and software contractor to meet their technology management and infrastructure needs. Our developer’s experience ranges from over 35 to 10 years of technical experience.

In addition TPJ Systems prepares strategic information systems/technology plans, acts as project manager, and provides education via conferences, studies, publications, mentorship programs, and on site training.

TPJ Systems has assisted a variety of health care provider organizations. These include major academic teaching hospitals, integrated deliver networks/systems, and managed care organizations.

On many occasions TPJ Systems is retained by large healthcare information technology consulting firms in short-term need of persons with solid industry background and technical experience. To find out more regarding TPJ Systems please send Tom Mitas an email.


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