Healthcare Integration issues are a well known industry fact. In many cases various departments, facilities, and offices have their own IT structure. This can cause huge disparity issues when your IT department begins to integrate your healthcare system(s).

TPJ Systems provides you with a team of Healthcare Integration Developers who have the knowledge base and experience that is unique in healthcare integration systems. We are able to cut our costs and hand that savings on to you, our customer. In fact we have some of the lowest healthcare consulting prices in the industry today.

Budget Cuts
Team Workload
Inexperienced Developers

Given the obstacles facing most healthcare integration projects, it is no wonder why issues such as;

interdepartmental disparity
legacy systems that can’t handle today’s workload
inexperienced staffing

are the norm instead of the exception.

Legacy Systems
Inter-department disparity
Inexperienced Project Managers

TPJ Strategic Integration Consultants Answers

TPJ Integration Developers work from a strategic, client-centered approach to give you an integration technology structure that is suited for your needs, your staff, your existing systems, and budget.

TPJ Integration Technology packages are customized to your specifications.

TPJ Application Architects, Interface and Web Developers, Project Managers, and Interface Mentors can work either as part of your team or as a separate unit

TPJ Integration Developers and Project Managers work closely with you to ensure that when issues arise, back up plans and protocols that you have predetermined are implemented, keeping you on track and in control.


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