Winning Together through Experience, Knowledge & Collaboration

From a small start-up healthcare integration firm established by Tom Mitas in 1999, TPJ Systems has grown into a nationally recognized healthcare integration consulting company by delivering commendable services.

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Custom Code (tcl, vb, vb.Net, xml, etc.)




About TPJ Consultants

Our developer’s experience ranges from over 35 to 10 years of progressive integration technical experience within the healthcare industry.

TPJ Systems consists of experienced business leaders, technology architects, project managers, and application developers who serve clients as both the architect and software contractor to meet their technology management and infrastructure needs.

In addition TPJ Systems prepares strategic information systems/technology plans, acts as project manager, and provides education via conferences, studies, publications, mentor-ship programs, and on site training. TPJ Systems has assisted a variety of health care provider organizations. These include major academic teaching hospitals, integrated deliver networks/systems, and managed care organizations. On many occasions TPJ Systems is retained by large healthcare information technology consulting firms in short-term need of persons with solid industry background and technical experience.


Interface Projects


For the past 20 years, TPJ Integration Analysts have continued to provide healthcare facilities with the best strategic integration services in the industry today.
All of our members are experienced, flexible and highly respected in their fields.

TPJ Interface Analysts Delivers

Knowledge, Experience, Collaboration & Customization


TPJ Systems’ employees all have extensive long-term healthcare integration experience.  TPJ Consultants are highly respected leaders in the healthcare integration industry. TPJ Analysts’ knowledge encompasses such areas as project management, integration architecture, interface development, Tcl experts, web developers and edi specialists.


TPJ Systems has the unique ability to provide our clients with a collaborate knowledge base from all levels of experience. Our Integration Analysts all have extensive healthcare integration experience and most are leaders in the healthcare industry. TPJ Systems’ knowledge encompasses such areas as project management, integration architecture, interface development, Tcl experts, web developers, edi specialists, and a sound knowledge of healthcare systems that spans over 30 years.


We understand that every integration project is as unique as your healthcare facility.  TPJ Systems responds by offering customized integration services to ensure that your integration project goals are or, preferably, exceeded.  TPJ Systems focuses on creating a unique project experience offering you a more secure, reliable and easier to manage integration platform, giving your team the control to support and customize your integration platform long after the project is completed.

Integration & Technology Experience

Database Integration
  •  Database Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Database Administration
  • LAN & WAN Networking
  • TCP/IP Connectivity
  • sFTP Connectivity
Integration Consulting
  •  Integration Provider Analysis
  • Project/Program Management
  • Interim Management
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Product Gap Analysis
  • Team Building
  • Established Integration Provider Relationships
Integration Development
  •  HIPAA
  • System Integration
  • Integration Implementation
  • Q/A & Testing
  • Interface Standards
    • DICOM
    • EDI
    • ASTM
    • HL7
    • XML
Custom Code Development
  • TCL
  • XML
  • VB
  • VB.Net
  • HTML
  • ASP
  • ASP.Net
  • PHP
  • CSS