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Customized strategic integration services with experienced and highly qualified integration analysts that are surprisingly affordable.

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From a small start-up healthcare integration firm established by Tom Mitas in 1999, TPJ Systems has grown into a nationally recognized healthcare integration consulting company by delivering commendable services.

TPJ Strategic Integration Development is a different approach from the standard integration development that most consulting companies adhere to. Discover the benefits of a strategic integration approach vs. standard integration development.

Our clients are some of the largest and most respected healthcare organizations on a global scale.  Our Integration Analysts can be found in healthcare organizations, labs, government agencies and research facilities.


TPJ Benefits


With over 40 years of collective integration experience we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to enhance your integration department.

Strategic Services

At TPJ we understand that each project is unique which is why we customize our services to suit your department’s needs and budget constraints.

TPJ Analysts

TPJ Integration Analysts can work as part of your existing team,  as a separate entity or on an advisory level based upon your department’s needs.

Interface Providers

We have extensive interface provider experience and continue to nurture our long standing relationships with them.


TPJ Core Services

There are countless reasons why our clients choose TPJ Systems over other consulting firms, but more often it is because of our commitment to you, our experience developing thousands of interfaces and wealth of healthcare integration knowledge.


TPJ Systems, Inc. Integration Leadership

 TPJ Systems consists of experienced business leaders, technology architects, project managers, and application developers who serve clients as both the architect and software contractor to meet their technology management and infrastructure needs.

TPJ Integration Analysts’ experience ranges from over 35 to 10 years of solid integration experience.

Tom Mitas

Founder, Lead Integration Architect

For the past 40 years, Tom has defined strategic healthcare integration implementations, platforms, upgrades, etc. for a myriad of healthcare facilities, government agencies and research facilities.

Mary Grace Mitas


Mary has also been a major force in the healthcare industry and works closely with TPJ Integration Analysts to ensure a smooth and successful project.

Josh Mitas

Lead Integration Analyst

For the past 20 years Josh Mitas has developed thousands of interfaces for a variety of healthcare facilities, labs, research facilities and government agencies.

Tracey Sullivan

Marketing & Project Management

For the past 20 years Tracey has been working on developing web solutions for TPJ Systems and working as a project manager in a variety of integration projects.

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TPJ Integration Services

Learn more about TPJ Strategic Integration services and how our Integration Analysts can help your integration department create an integration strategy that makes sense for your facility.

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